Pandemic Roundtable

An article Dacher Keltner and I contributed to California magazine's Pandemic Roundtable, considering the transformative nature of pandemics historically, and their relationship to awe.

The article can be read here.

Additionally, the article was quoted in the editors note, titled- "A word of advice to Berkeley's graduating class of 2020".

That editorial can be read here.

Deconstructing The History of Violence

Recipient of  UC Berkeley's  2020 Joyce Award for Anthropology. This research focuses on a small, but influential, Psychedelic Psychotherapeutic community in Los Angeles, whose practices evolved over decades, in private homes, halfway houses and the Los Angeles County Jail, with the intention to self-treat the wounds of racism, violence, poverty, and sex-trafficking.

The Berkeley site can be reached through this link.

The thesis may be downloaded here.

LA Riverguide

LA Riverguide is an exploration, through stories and photographs of life on the Los Angeles River. It attempts to present a bottom up perspective on the complexities of this "zombie river." Which also happens to be the most important public works project in America today.

The  blog can be accessed here.


An exploration of Carl Jung's concept of the "Shadow," featuring Edward Edinger and Roshi Joan Halifax. I wrote, co-produced and directed this 7 minute short film, over 20 years ago,  for Chris Albrecht at HBO.

I'm including this here, because the film remains as relevant today as when it was made- If not more so.

Psychedelic Psychotherapy

Cover illustration and book design.


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